Is spray paint water based?

Paint Spray Paint Water based paint is the best solution for a spray based method.

Why spray paint water based?

Spray paints are the easiest paint to apply, easy to clean, but require much higher heat than water based paints. So they work best at high temperatures.

Will it work for other method?

Yes it can, you simply need to use a very high temp pot or a very high pressure spray gun with a good amount of heat. The low temperature means the spray goes in very easily and you can work a lot of detail with a fine detail or very close up. I’m using 2 of these high heat kits and they work perfectly.

Can I add extra detail?

Yes you can and I always add more detail with a 1:1 comparison between spray on and water based.

Can I use water based paint?

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No you can’t but this is a very expensive way to do it, but it works! I will explain how.

You can use water paint but it will last longer than a high temp spray paint kit. It is a lot cheaper in a pot with a pot stand/convection heater on it though so this is not a problem. So, you don’t need a high temp spray paint kit. But it does need to be good quality.

Can I do details using spray paint?

Yes you can. Most kits, including my original kits, work very well and it’s fun to add as many detail to your motorcycle or custom motorcycle as you like! It works very well in low temperature, high pressure settings depending on the detail you want.

Can I use spray paint on dirt or mud?

Some dirt and mud can be painted, you just need to use a very high pressure pot with high temperature and heat as the detailer. Most detailers don’t use this but it can work if you want.

Can I do full detail?

Yes you can. You just need to know what detail you want to get. This kit covers a lot of detail so most people want to cover this whole kit.

Can I do a lot of detail with a little detail?

Yes you can. If you want to build a kit for the most detail then I would recommend this one!

Can I be lazy?

Many people use a full kit to keep in mind the size of their workbench, and a very small one for small