Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – Las Vegas Street Spray Paint Art Sunset

I love to paint on canvas. I have been doing that for about 8-10 years, and it is really fun to get started on things like this. But I am always worried, because it is so expensive and taking time off work to do something like this is very difficult.

We do not have a paint store in Seattle, because it costs a lot of money to get paint, especially if you are going to be painting in a shop. So we are lucky to have local artists, who are all in great demand, and they like working with painting.

What kinds of pieces have you created?

The last few years I have done a lot of abstract paintings, things that don’t have a concrete representation in stone. I really enjoy using my paint on things that are very abstract. We are in the process of starting a mural on a wall in the shop, and just to take something, make a sculpture out of it, that is the main thing for me to focus on.

AMAZING New York City Spray Paint Art in Time Square 2014 ...
Do you have a favorite piece?

I think my favorite piece is “The Sun.” I love this piece because it is the first one I have seen that I can feel the space, like the background, and have the feeling that it is my painting. It takes me back to a place I was raised and it is my first piece of work in this space.

Do you use brushes as well as spray paints?

Yes, it is all mediums. It is a big difference, because one brush has a lot more brush strokes. Some brushes work great with just watercolor, some with wetting and some with dry wetting, then you take your paint and you add water to it. It works well with any kind of brush that you can use to paint.

When you do that, you do the whole painting in one go. It is very hard to do any kind of process where you paint with just wet paint and dry paint the first time you try it.

So when you are using watercolor to drybrush on your images to finish your paintings, it creates a very subtle feel of wet paint that you will end up painting with.

How do you get started with watercolor?

I grew up in Washington state and the only painter that I ever know did “The Sun” which I was really impressed with. My own watercolour painting is really very naturalistic, very abstract that I like to have.

So that is why

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