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Spray paint is resistant to dust, fingerprints, moisture, sweat, and sun-tanning.

How is the paint tested? In all cases, the product undergoes a thorough inspection to insure it passes inspection tests like those for leaded gasoline and solvents.

What are the possible uses of spray paint? It can be found in many applications but usually in the form of decorative products such as decals or paint, industrial applications such as spray tanks and hoses, or as a coating for some kinds of automotive or wood surfaces that want not to get too much dust on them.
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Who should avoid spray paint? Spray paint can be easily ingested or sprayed onto the skin.

How long should spray paint be used? There are no long-term health consequences from spray paint exposure but the residue may not completely wear off in two weeks.

What are the effects of spray paint on the skin? Most effects are temporary. You may develop an allergy, but contact dermatitis and other skin irritation will occur only in less severe cases. Also, it usually takes several months for symptoms to resolve. If you don’t have a skin rash, you may experience a mild and temporary stinging feeling. It is not possible to know with certainty, however, if a product will cause allergic reactions.

Are there health effects from contact with spray paint? Contact dermatitis, including the more severe skin rashes and reactions with direct sunlight, are rarely severe and often go away on their own. In most cases, contact with spray paint is not harmful and should not be associated with skin rashes or other reactions. However, it is worth noting that some people may react to exposure to paint thinner products which are available over the counter.

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