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The only thing we will ask is if there is primer. Primer is important for the durability of the finished product. It is not like your skin, which will just break in a few weeks. Primer is meant to prevent the oxidation of your enamel – when you first apply it, it oxidizes the coating to a hard, greyish-brown hue. The goal is to keep it shiny and smooth for a long time. In fact, if you paint your car with enameled enamel, that’s pretty much our goal right there – the more enamel you layer the better the enameled finish.

The problem is, though, that there isn’t one single primer out there that will give you the gloss you want on rustoleum. A primer isn’t supposed to take the place of your regular enamel, but it definitely helps. We can’t answer whether primer makes a difference. Some primer does, but it’s so thin that your paint will get scratched up fairly easily. But if you’re not sure, just get a bottle at any auto shop – there’s no reason to go out of your way to get an expensive one.
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Is the paint really shiny?

Yes. We’ve seen some real work by a friend of ours who uses a paint scraper to scrape rust and bring the paint to its new shine. It’s not as pretty as an enamel primer’s glazed appearance, but the results speak for themselves:

Can I get the finish I want by priming?

Maybe. Priming is a bit more of a hassle, but if you’re really careful and want the finish you want you should be able to get it. It’s a little bit more time consuming, but we’ll show you exactly how to use a paint scraper if you want an example.

Can I use rustoleum color?

Yes, but you will get an odd color instead of enamel. That’s fine, though, because the color is actually the result of a process called “dye transfer”. You’ll see a picture of this at the end of our article.

Does the finish change from primer to primer?

It does. As you paint over the finish, all the colors and oils in your car will be transferred. If you’re careful, you can do just about any shade you like with this method – you’ll just always have some rustolene left in your paint.

How long does primer

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