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I make spray paint art with a lot of colors and I use acrylic paint. I use the most popular colors that I find around town. For example I have a favorite color purple and I have a favorite of yellow. I try to use as many colors as you can so you get lots of different looks. Also, I always try to make things interesting (and make yourself look cool in the process), so it just makes more people want to come see the art.

How is your studio located? My studio is just under the alley where the train passes. I like the smell of the air in the mornings so if you want to get fresh air, that’s also the place to go.

Can you give us a quick story of your studio? It’s in a very quiet alley that’s a lot like the neighborhood it’s in. It’s full of light and the street behind my shop is like a sidewalk. It’s a really easy place to walk by, though you need to pay attention to your surroundings!
Let Them Eat Crack Banksy Graffiti Mural Painting Stenciling | Etsy

What’s your best tip for people looking to learn the “stuff?” Always go to a class on your interest or you’ll end up spending way too much on new equipment!

By Daniel J. Gaffney and Daniel A. Mears

Satellite imagery released Friday by the U.S. Navy revealed that the North Korean coastline was largely flat during the winter of 2012-2013 and the last two winter seasons, as shown in the map below. The map has been enhanced so that a new layer of color has been added, highlighting certain areas in particular. Note that the white layer also overlays data from other sources, such as the Chinese National Geospatial Centre (the red areas on the map), the U.S. Geological Survey and NASA’s Spherules satellite.

In general, northern North Korea was in the midst of winter storms from January to March, just as it was the end of the 2011-2012 rainy season. The snowstorm that started Feb. 13, 2012, extended to mid-March, but it was accompanied by heavy weather. Heavy snow and ice sheets on the south side of the North Korean coast reached a maximum height of over 3,400 feet, an area that the map’s new color will highlight.

The north-south gradient of coloration of the snowstorms and the ice sheet has been enhanced to highlight the snow/ice layer and to highlight areas that were inundated by both in that time. Note further that the area

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