Is rustoleum lacquer or enamel? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations

All rustoleum is rustoleum lacquer. You can easily tell how much wax to use by how much it looks. If the surface doesn’t look shiny or shiny-ish, it means too much wax is used to protect it. Rustoleum enamel is different.

What other waxes work?

As I mentioned in my old post, there are numerous waxes containing an alkali agent that do more harm than good in my opinion. You can find some that work, depending on the wax:

Chloroform is used in a lot of things, from soap to cosmetics to paint. (Check out my other post on chloroform).

Manganese Dioxide is used as an industrial detergent, and the use of methyl alcohol in food processing is a common source.

Ammonia-based polymers are most popular in the automotive industry.

Silicone and acrylic-based resins in paint are both used as coatings and sealants, and are sometimes combined with polypropylene in water-based coatings.

Polyethylene is used as a plasticizer in some products and as a solvent in some other products.

Polyglycol (made with natural fats rather than petroleum-based oil) is used to give some plastics their shape and color in most chemicals, including paint. (Check out my other post on polyglycols).

PVDF is basically made from corn starch and other additives, and contains no polymers (but is sometimes used in paints for that reason).

The reason for using those above names is that they make up the majority of the waxes. In general they all have the same properties, so you really can’t distinguish between them.

If you only have an opinion on which wax is best for your project, I wouldn’t worry at all about it. As for what is “best” you can read my waxes list to find out. But you’d have to read a heck of a lot to make a decision.

It is always wise to use a well-mended project. If you’ve made a bunch of projects in the past and you’re not sure which one is “best”, or if that particular wax is going to harm your finish/coatings, don’t use that one. Use a well-mended project that contains wax from different brands or from different years.

If I were you, I’d just get the best

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