How do you spray paint fine lines?

Drier paint is the only type of paint I would recommend using to paint fine lines. When you are doing fine lines (especially with your masking tape) make sure the tape or whatever is underneath is even with the surface you are going to spray painting the line on. This can be difficult to do with thinner layers, but with water based paints like the Wet N Wild Driptop Dries, you can really start spraying through the tape and let the water run off the edges.

How many layers of paint do I need?

One more thing before we put our Dries and Tape together. Depending on the line and the size of the line, you will want 1 to 2 layers of paint. You can also buy larger tubes and put them in the freezer to set up the lines. You do not have to build these lines very large as you can do them in a 1″ x 1″ area.

We did two of these lines with each of the 4 Dries and tape. The one on the right was done in a 1″ x 1″ area, but there are other things you could use to build these lines and this guide can help you figure it out.

For the line on the left, there was no water on it, so we filled it up with 5-7 layers of thinner coats of Dries before applying top coat.

How do you spray paint a black line when your mask is off?
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If you have a mask on you need to follow the guide above to spray a black line on your mask. The Dries and Tape that you used are great for black lines, but if you really don’t have a mask and are in a hurry, here’s a tip:

Use the sprayer to “paint” a dark black line just below your mask, in the area behind your mouth (where your lips and earmuffs meet), starting under the mask and coming out to the mask edges and on the mask itself. Spray this line down and cover it with your Masking Tape (or any thick plastic tape like Scotch Tape, etc. We used the tape for the line under the mask)

When you are done using your mask, clean up the line and spray it down the rest of the way.

The same applies if you have a hair mask so just spray down the mask edges, over the line you just made.

Remember, the mask has to be off before you can apply your “darken