What do graffiti artists use?

For me, it was primarily a vehicle to express an interest in and awareness of the various cultures and histories of the city. I wanted to find the best graffiti artists for my city, and I wanted to find them quickly.

How did you find them? I looked at the official graffiti web site ( Many of the artists are found at street, but when searching with, there was a lot of overlap between the search terms.

Then I looked at other graffiti web sites (,,, and found a few of my favorites to email to the webmasters of each of these sites.

I also emailed a few of the artists to ask if I could have their work, and got some fairly good responses, plus they sent me a lot of their samples from their local grafic.

After I had those, I asked some of my friends (and colleagues, if I’d been to a couple of other cities) if they would consider writing graffiti for me.

These days, I do just that. I’ve only gotten serious about graffiti writing once before, which was for a big public artwork, which is why Graffiti City has been around for so long. I’ve had many requests for more writing jobs – some from people I don’t know, and some from people I know a little.

Which of these types of requests have you received? I have gotten a couple of small writing requests: one or two folks for tagging on subway station walls (where I have access) – those are just minor requests, but they give me some insight into what they are thinking. I’ve also gotten a variety of general written request, though I have never been asked to do anything on a street.

If you’d like to be a writer on Graffiti City, fill out the application form at :

3 skull holding spray paint hand drawing Vector Image

The other thing is to consider getting a full-time job: it’s definitely worth it if you want to see your work in newspapers and on television, or if you want to get paid for it, which would definitely be the better option since you would likely be a real professional without being a graffiti artist.

What’s your background? I studied English and art at the University of British Columbia with my professor, so that kind of informs my opinions.