How do you use Krylon spray paint?

1 coat in an attempt to make the color “frosty.”

2 coats if needed to keep some cool light through, but still a good mix of lighter areas and darker ones for a shadow effect. I have 3 people who are very handy with a spray pen. And you can probably get away with spray, but I’m not a big fan. It’s more of an effort (the fumes are bad) than an efficient method.

3 coats for the edges if needed to help the frosting look “done.” You can take away from the color to “taste” the color/brightness and see exactly how it’s going to look. For example, I painted the background on this photo on a piece of paper and used the paint to cover the paper. If you spray a second coat, there’s a noticeable difference.

4 coat for those areas that have the same hue of light, but a different color. This is to keep the color from turning cloudy.

5 coats to make sure it holds up. You need to paint around the edges and areas with a light tone. I try to keep the colors as close to identical as possible, but you never know.

6 coats if it’s really bad weather and you really need it to look good. (I guess I could use some spray paint for the edge/edge creases/and the bottom part of the cupcakes.)

7 coats for the center cupcake. I didn’t use any frosting for this photo, but if we were going to do the whole thing in one go with frosting, it wouldn’t be necessary for that cupcake. But it would be nice to add some frosting on the sides. With the frosting, not really sure if it needs the center to be frosted or if we’re just going in straight from the side.

8 coats if needed for the frosting on the top and middle pieces of frosting and for the sides.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!


The “Rio” series will be part of the 2016 Disney Infinity 3.0 lineup.

Toy Story Mania (and the other Toy Story movies) will become part of Disney Infinity 3.0, Disney is promising. That’s according to a report released over on the Disney Infinity community site, Disney Infinity Insider.

The site said that Toy Story Mania, Toy Story 3 and a few other Pixar films will be included as part of the Disney Infinity 3.