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Wood is the material of its materials, wood being the most dense substance found on Earth. This doesn’t mean it won’t work with resin-based paints though. They certainly will look fantastic and add a depth and “wow factor” to your project. But to be honest I prefer oil paint since I like to experiment with different paints and will never be satisfied with any other. In fact, I would not recommend using oil paint for everything.

How do I apply the acrylic on the exterior of my car?

The easiest way to apply the acrylic is by using a spray can or the flat surface of your hand until you create the perfect size circle.

To apply it to the interior of your car, you’ll need to clean and wipe any fingerprints off the paint while getting an even coat throughout.

After I use it, I will cover the back of my windows to avoid any drips. I use a plastic scraper to apply this layer of acrylic. I use an old coffee pot to spread it into an even coat. Let dry completely. In the event of a leak, it is best to wait until it is completely dry.

How do I apply the oil paint on the exterior of my car?

Oil paint is the ultimate in detailing and is used to create the ultimate swirl or “haze” effect to your paintwork and even in some cases, paint.

This is a more advanced technique that I have used with great success and looks really awesome. This is best accomplished by coating the surface of your car with a thick layer of oil paint and covering it with a thin coat of varnish or clear. Let it dry completely. If a leak develops you will start to see white-ish streaks or small splotches. These will disappear after about 3-4 days.

Is your favorite painting method still working for you? If so, please share below.

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