Is spray paint bad? – Spray Paint Art Room Wall

Yes, spray paint is bad. Not only that, but this particular form of paint was specifically designed to break down quickly. The most common types of spray paint are the acrylics used to add detail and adorn other parts of the car; these types of paints need time to dry, but the longer they dry, the easier it is for the varnish on them to adhere. Once all the varnish is removed, you have the most basic form of painted bodywork, and it still hasn’t aged the way the actual paint bodywork did.

So if it is not safe for people to paint cars by hand, how is any of it dangerous? I can’t go on too deep into discussing this subject as I have several videos I would like to give. Suffice to say that spray paint isn’t designed to be touched directly. If it is being handled, it has been carefully cleaned of any paint. If it is touching the body at all, it hasn’t been cleaned enough to prevent the paint from adhering. In short, if it is anywhere near your work area, it has to be professionally cleaned, or you can lose all your valuable work.

So now that we know what is safe and not safe, let’s check out the dangers of the different types of body panels.

Plastic body panels

In addition to the varnish, plastic paneling is subject to the most common problem with paint: oxidation. When a light source (like a mirror or candle) hits a plastic panel, heat from the heat source causes the plastic to break down into gas bubbles which are called micro-bubbles. These micro-bubbles are very small, but they can make it really difficult to clean the panel. If it isn’t removed, you will damage the panel or find that it has peeled back from the base of the panel.

The best thing to do is to remove them before applying any finishing treatments. Here are some suggestions for stripping a panel of its micro-bubbles:

Remove the panel. Spray with a UV remover such as Zomox.


Clean the panel with alcohol or the like. There aren’t a lot of good options for alcohol-based stain removers, but if you have a good product, I recommend mixing a gallon of distilled water with ΒΌ cup of distilled vinegar for a good solution. Mix it up well and allow it sit overnight.

Dry the panel with a cotton cloth. I usually wet

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