Is liquitex spray paint acrylic?

I guess it depends on how much you already know about acrylics.

My mom used to paint, do you know what its called?

What’s better?

-Orly White or Orly Black or any other black paint?

How does it work?

The paint you use to apply is not the same as the paint the sprayer puts into your paint bottle. The paint put into the bottle becomes an opaque, slightly rubbery film. Some people prefer the texture of the Orly white or black, while some prefer the smooth, shiny texture of Orly black or White.

Orly White is sold by the ton because it is slightly more expensive than other options.

What kind of applicator do I need?

This depends on what style of spray you want to use.


This is probably one of the simplest and most obvious and cheapest sprayers out there, but I have only ever used it one time and have not had any problems with it.

It will fit nicely into any 1.5 oz. (28 gram) bottle of spray. I find that I need a sprayer with a large, flat end to make the applicator even. This means it should be a larger diameter to make clear, consistent airpaths (if you use it without airpath. It doesn’t have to be, it makes the surface really smooth.)

There are other types of applicators, but I will explain them further down.


Casters are more of a fashion statement and a decorative tool, rather than a workable quality, but I really like them and I have found myself using them a lot.

They cost a little more, but I also like not having them get in the way so much by holding my sprayer steady on the nozzle. (If I was looking for more of an easy way to spray a small area of texturing, I’d suggest a sprayer with a larger size.) You should also give the caster a little weight/weight adjustability.

They are not super well engineered at all and will need to be hand washed to maintain their longevity.

They are also not the cheapest sprayers out there, however I use them often enough to know what they require.

To get started with a casting, simply put the container on the lowest shelf of the sprayer and spray. You can also apply the texturing to the surface of things