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It looks great, but when you’re painting a wall with paint instead of spray paint, the solution is to apply the spray paint directly to the surface, as it dries faster. But if you spray it on a painted wall and then move on, there will be small spots where the spray paint rubbed off the paint on the concrete and made the surface more dull, less reflective and less attractive if you go over-spray on the same surface.

So I decided to experiment a little bit. I tried spraying just on the surface, as there was no paint to rub off, but this wasn’t very successful. So I tried to spray it on a new patch of painted wall, which I did with my new spray paint. The result was quite fantastic! The spray paint didn’t wash away much and the new patch has a nice balance of shiny reflection, reflectiveness and texture. As you have probably guessed, my spray paint had a greater surface area to make its painting job on, making it look much more impressive and attractive, rather than just shiny and reflective. In fact it still looks impressive despite the spray paint that has left the surface on it, and looks really stunning, even when it has rusted and lost reflectivity. The spray paint is now a permanent part again, rather than a temporary one. It looks really great and is a great way to experiment with different solutions to get a result that suits you, if you want it.

What about spray paint?

Some time ago I came across a picture from some art galleries with a bunch of beautiful spray-painted walls. Of course they were very carefully worked up and beautifully painted. But many of them were made with spray paint, so they looked much less impressive. Also since the wall was quite small, very few of the spots were actually spray paint spot areas.

So how about painting the wall with spray paint? Is it easier, more stable and better suited to spray painting than paint? And is it better for reflective walls (i.e. shiny walls with reflective areas)? To determine the answer to these questions, I used a combination of a few methods:

The first method was to try spraying some paint directly on the wall, as I thought it should be more durable than spray paint at the same time, since you can move it around more. So I started by covering the small area, and applying some spray paint (or a thin coat of a good primer. I started with the paint, because this was the

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