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“No!” This is a very common question. When I paint, the rust spots will appear to be totally clean, so it might be worth to check the paint first for proper protection. I use a very fine brush that will scrape the paint off the edges. I’m using a very thin coating that will last for 3-4 weeks.

This applies to other products, but the paint is not waterproof. The rust and rust spots are very visible in a clear light, but it is not really visible in a dark house or apartment.

Can you paint a mirror without polishing the mirror?

Yes. The paint is not waterproof, and in a mirror it gets very dirty very quickly. When the mirror is polished, the paint will become opaque to the sunlight.

What kind of paint can be used to finish a painting?

Yes. The paint is waterproof, and in a painting it gets very dirty very quickly. When you have finished the painting, you can just use the paint it’s been applied to (I use this paint). The only difference is that you will have to add more water to the paint. Because of that, I don’t recommend using the most expensive painting products (you might spend a lot to use them, and you can lose a bit of money).

Image caption An explosion occurred about 15 minutes after the incident

Two people have been injured at a house in Essex after what police say the local authority called an accidental nuclear event.

The explosion happened about 15 minutes after the explosion at a house near Rotherhithe, Eastleigh.

A police helicopter and rescue vehicle landed at the scene, near the A4 junction with Mereham Place, in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The cause of the incident was not immediately clear.

‘Makes sense’

A spokeswoman for EHIC said: “This is an accident which has now been thoroughly investigated.

“Our own team are on site investigating the circumstances and we fully support the local authorities.

“It makes sense why people would be at the house, at midnight or earlier, watching television.

“The incident is in its early stages and we continue to liaise with local authorities.”

The house has been condemned and police are making inquiries.

A police helicopter was seen near the scene late on Wednesday.

EHIC also tweeted: “A nuclear accident has been reported in Essex.


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