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Which is best for use on concrete. I have a friend who builds large concrete piers for large buildings. Is it really necessary to paint on the piers or can you leave them like they are? I would like to know the answer to these questions so that I can select the proper type of clear for my concrete. In terms of spray painting, some acrylic, like this can be applied over your existing primer paint and should be left alone for 10 days to allow it to dry completely. But there are many many excellent non-acrylic polymers for use over concrete like lacquer thinner, acrylic paint, enamel, etc. The following links will give you some specific information on the various types of acrylic and paint available.

Sewing Machine – In a recent sewing machine review the owner stated that they recommend a “wobble-wheel/pump with a built in timer”. I would like to know if there is any advantage to a wobble-wheel/pump with a built in timer. Thanks.

Ceramics – What is the proper way to clean any fiberglass-like material with ammonia before firing? Can this use any solvents? Also, what do you and others recommend in the case of any rust. This is a very popular topic. I am still not sure what amoxicillin or any of the medications they recommend work so well? Is it possible to use an alternative cleaning product? I know that some woodworking suppliers offer wood preservatives like methylcellulose. If you could advise me how to determine if something is suitable for use as a wood preservative, what are the benefits and drawbacks versus a non-wood preservative, and would you recommend it to someone else? Thank you.

Fabrications: I’ve heard that some machines come with multiple fabrications? What is the ideal number of fabrications for a machine? What are some of the benefits of adding a second fabricator? Are any of the fabrics/carpets/rope/etc. that you sell “fabricated” for a company that will make copies, or is it only printed

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