Where can I practice spray painting? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Book

It’s easy to set up spray painting for any project you’d like, whether it’s a simple wall to wall piece for your bedroom or a custom piece you’d like to do for your office, garage or other exterior space. Below are several options to learn about. We suggest that you consider doing it in a place that has access to fresh air, good lighting and has a nice breeze.

If you decide to use our spray paint tutorial, you can also download our step by step spray paint instructions here. You can also use the downloadable PDF version of how to set up your own spray painting.

Our Top 5 Tips for Success are below to help guide you in the way you are about to create the beautiful space you want to live in.

#1 – Know what you want

Do you want to be able to paint your own walls? How about painting your entire house? Do you want to save money on paint? How about having the ability to easily spray paint your wall? Whether it’s to your new bedroom wall or your new kitchen wall, we feel your dreams will come true if you have an idea of what you want and why.

#2 – Get to know your equipment

Before we talk about different types of spray paint, we want to briefly discuss certain pieces of spray paint and equipment. Spray paint has three types of products. Most spray paint comes in a variety of colors, though it’s possible for your paint to be mixed of different colors. One such color is black. While you can create a black wall wall, you can’t have a black wall painted; thus the term wall painting. While you can paint all materials with black paint in a single piece, you cannot paint your walls black and then sell the wall.

The most important aspect in getting the best possible results is choosing the right product for your project. If you are using a professional grade spray paint, you know exactly what you are doing, but at home, many of our customers have their own unique ideas about what they’d like in their own walls.

As far as equipment goes, you’ll need the following:

Wet and dry erase board

Color blocker

Rubber bands

Sponge brushes



Stains remover

Acetone (optional, but a must-have!)

Mixing medium such as paint thinner, water or paint

Spray gun or

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