Is spray paint water based? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial

All water based products are not water based. Paint spray paint is water based and is used on a water resistant surface. We cannot guarantee that our products will not be the cause of a fire. Our products will react with paint. They are not intended to be used on painted surfaces or any area not protected by a fire or other means.

How long will it take to dry?

Spray paint will dry in 1-2 weeks. If it takes longer than that for your product to dry, you should contact your paint supplier for more information. We have a variety of paint options to choose from. If you are not sure if your product will work, call us to get more information now!

Can I use a waterproof adhesive to attach my paint?

A waterproof adhesive cannot be used on our products.

Can I use a stain to protect my product?

No, our paint products can not be stained.

Will using my spray paint on a fire damage it?

If your product is on a surface that is not protected by an open flame or flames, such as a tent, trailer, wood stove, etc., you may wish to use a “fire retardant” spray paint instead. Fire retardant sprays can help your product last longer in a fire by absorbing the fire’s heat. It may take two weeks or longer to fully dry. If your product is on an open flame or unprotected surface it will dry quickly and break up.

Will this product be the same color as my other paint?

While it is possible for many different paints to react, each is unique. It can take as long as a month for our paint to dry if stored outdoors.

Are you a manufacturer?

No, we purchased our paint materials from a local contractor, who is an expert in the paint industry.

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