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Well, a lot. And we’ve all heard the legend about a few young Frenchmen (or French women, in the case of a certain female Frenchman) who decided to do a street art spree because they wanted to make some money, so they left their mark on the streets. Well, we know what those young guys do. The French say it’s a pretty important way to make a living nowadays.

“To show the whole world that a group of graffiti artists can work their way out of poverty”

And that’s not the only famous French graffiti artists who have left their mark in the streets of Parisian.

The other legends are the “La Fauna,” a French gang, who have made the city famous by making a series of drawings on the sides of street signs and building walls – or even on the windows. There are many famous graffiti artists, but as mentioned above, these are the guys who really put their art on the street. You do not need to be a French celebrity to get a free ad in an urban magazine.

You could have your picture or artwork on the side of an apartment building. Or a building without a front door with your name or your artwork – with the sign “La Fauna” – that is painted on one side with watercolors. This is done because many graffiti artists are homeless or working the streets, which is how they get their money. You can see more examples of La Fauna graffiti art on this page.

There are also many famous street artists in Paris who have left their mark on the walls. In a recent issue of Vogue, the French artist known as La Fauna left his own street art to prove that these streets are not empty. On some walls there are huge paintings of animals, and one of a woman doing a pose of a young girl with her body still undressed. Also, the words “La Fauna” have the word “savage” written. In addition to this, this street is lined with large sculptures of animal heads.
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The walls of that famous street in Paris do not just have artworks and pictures. They also have lots of slogans and slogans of all kinds. The slogan “Habitation la ville” (“Let the people live”) has a slogan: l’enjoyment au sont jusqu’aucoup” (“Enjoyment, in my living room”), and one even calls himself “la mauvaise chambre” (“the dirty ch

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