Is spray paint water based? – Spray Paint Artist Hawaii

Yes it is spray paint water based and they’re a lot cheaper than you think. The only reason you can’t just buy it is if you make a lot of money so then it’s not too hard to spend money on them. You’re never supposed to pay more than 1.5 times your budget to buy paint but you can probably get more than 1.5 times your budget for them.

Will it change your opinion of spray paint?
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Yes, absolutely. It changes your opinion of all things water based because you can’t wash your bathroom without it. It makes it clear that you don’t like stuff where you get your water from.

Can I get it at a discount store?

No. The paint is $12.50 per gallon so there is a price break from stores that sell them for about $80 to $300 so we didn’t feel it was appropriate to be a discount store outlet for the water based.

The man accused of killing five children and critically injuring another has been charged with four counts of first-degree felony murder and two counts of first-degree felony assault.

William Keith James III, 40, was arraigned Monday in the shooting deaths of three boys near St. James School in Birmingham, Ala.

His attorney, David G. Thompson, told reporters after the hearing that he was “dumbfounded by the charges” but that James’ wife was “deeply involved in his life.”

“She was there when he came home and when he went to school, and she was the one driving the car when he was out in Huntsville,” Thompson said. “I don’t ever know why anyone would be the subject of a murder charge.”

The three dead boys were a 13, 19 and 22-month-old, according to authorities.

Two other boys were taken to the University of Alabama Medical Center, where the 19-month-old boy died, according to the Huntsville Hospital.

The mother was arrested early Sunday morning and later charged with injury to a child. It is unknown if she knew her son was coming home, Thompson said.

The three others were pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.

Authorities also charged a 20-year-old man who was with the children at the time as a criminal alien and an adult who was living together with his child.

They were among the suspects named by prosecutors as the victims in the case, who were killed Sunday.

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