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Graffiti comes in many different shapes and sizes. You want to consider what form it goes in, or what styles it represents. The more shapes and styles you put in, the harder the job is to identify. Graffiti also has different definitions. It’s either written on walls, or left on trains, or in the cracks at night. Graffiti is often used to denote the location of a particular event such as a police car chase or a shooting. They are even sometimes used in the construction industry as they help to keep construction sites from being damaged by vandals. It is difficult to paint on a wall without leaving a distinctive mark.

In his letter to the US Supreme Court on Tuesday, US president Barack Obama said his administration was prepared to consider using the military power at its disposal against Iran if Tehran fails in its nuclear program. This, he stressed, would be consistent with the Geneva Conventions on war.

Obama’s letter to Justice Clarence Thomas, which was distributed to legal scholars at Georgetown University, also said the use of US force is not a last resort and that “there are other diplomatic, economic, and other effective ways to promote a peaceful end to the Iranian nuclear program”. If this option was not adopted, the president said, the US would consult with Congress and seek legal authority to carry out military measures against Tehran.

The US president’s letter to the supreme court was released amid heavy pressure from Israel and its Arab allies who warned that Tehran might attack American forces if it has nuclear weapons.

Israel and other Western nations have been pressing Iran since last November to halt its uranium enrichment – the subject of talks by its negotiators. But the Obama administration has said it would use the military to prevent Iran from acquiring an Arak reactor for using for bomb-making. Iran has said it already has a “plutonium reactor” near Arak that is only supposed to produce medical and food-grinding plutonium but is being used anyway for nuclear enrichment. The US has also warned that Iran could eventually have access to a bomb if its program is not stopped.

The legal letter, posted on the US supreme court website, was given before the justices were to make a decision regarding whether to hear a case regarding whether US President Bush overstepped his legal bounds when he ordered the invasion of Iraq.

While saying that Obama, “as commander-in-chief, can use military force against an enemy nation and the use of military force against a hostile force in international waters”, the president did not

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