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Yes. A paint stick can’t stick to anything that isn’t a hard surface or has a rough surface. Spray paint cannot be painted on smooth, oily paper nor does it stick to paper that has a glossy surface.

Where can I get spray paint?

Spray paint is available in many different types of colors, but it tends to be expensive. Many retailers carry it, but other types, like spray paint brushes, will come in handy for basic spray painting of a couple of areas. Also, there is a large selection of paint brands, so you can shop around to have the best price.

Are paint spray cans dangerous?
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The short answer is, no. Spray paint cans are not dangerous. But, you and your family may want to take extra precautions should you use a spray can on something that is fragile. Some of the things that need to be protected on objects like furniture or tables to give them a long life are:

Glass and metal are non-combustible – they’re made of thin, plastic, glass, aluminum, or steel that will break if you are handling it lightly. These types of items are known to break very easily if you use a spray can on them lightly. Also, if you get a bottle or can of spray paint, it should be well cared for. A small amount of paint inside the bottle could get in on something.

Lamp parts, such as lighting fixtures, light switches, and dimmers, are not watertight and should not be dropped on anything fragile. A few drops on it could be enough to damage it. If you are doing a lot of lighting, you can keep these things away from paint.

Furniture is not watertight. When a spray can is dropped on furniture, the paint will run off into the room. Also, paint on furniture is generally too thin to stick on the furniture.

Wood is porous, which means it will expand or contract in response to your motion. A spray can can easily move around in the house if your family is moving or if you’re moving paint around.

What is the best way to clean up a mess from spray paint?

There are two basic ways to clean paint on anything.

The most basic way is to spray the item and allow it to dry. The more advanced techniques are to gently run your fingertips over a surface with a cloth. Then, if the surface can be scratched with your finger pads on a paper towel

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