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“Spray paint,” meaning a high-tensile paint designed for spray painting and which can be used for water and oil painting (the term means water and oil paint, so “spray paint” generally means oil paint), is a material that can be applied to almost any surface—wood, metal, marble, stone, and so on. The paint is usually applied one part at a time, beginning with the base paint which is white or lightly gray, then the top coat, which is often a yellowish blue or green, and finally the topcoat, which should be a dark gray or black. Spray patties may come with a protective coat. Many styles and sizes are available: black, silver, brown, black-brown, black-brown-white, dark, medium, light, olive-green, red, pink, gray, dark-black, green, and yellow. Because the paints are highly permeable, they can be mixed together and applied to almost anything, from hardwoods to soft surfaces, such as marble.

What is a paintbrush and how much does it cost? “A brush is usually a large, heavy tool with a sharp end for scraping and a handle for gripping and lifting. A paintbrush will come in a variety of sizes: one with a flat, flat-topped head; one with a hollow, curved tip; and one with a convex, pointed tip. The handles of a paintbrush have holes at all three positions so that they are easy to get to and lift. A paintbrush needs to be replaced and cleaned periodically, unless it is completely new or new paint is being used. Paintbrushes normally come with a roller and a paintbrush case. Many paints and colors are available for paintbrushes. Brush sets are also available for a small added cost. Paintbrushes usually range from 1.5 and 4 inches in diameter.”

Can I do spray-on paint? No! Most paint sprays require a special brush that comes in various sizes.

What other types of paint can also be used on a vehicle? There is no need to resort to spray painting on a vehicle, but many styles and colors are available from automobile paint manufacturers. If you would like to use paint sprayed on a vehicle that has special mounting brackets, we suggest that you use paint on brackets that are not designed for spray painting, such as brackets for windshields rather than brackets for the body, windshield, or roof.

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