What is gesso spray?

Gesso spray is a paste made of glycerin, water and propylene glycol (PG). The mixture is then sprayed onto a hot surface that creates an ultrasonic sound with a high sound pressure. The mixture of water, and PG acts as a very effective lubricant for the nozzle. After a short time of drying the gel, the entire process is repeated to create more gel. As the gel is used, the heat produced will cause it to dry out completely.

Is gesso spray safe to use?

Gesso spray is safe to use in water, food and most liquids. When used in the absence of water, as a lubricant, gesso spray becomes toxic and can cause injury.

Warning: Please keep gesso spray away from skin and mucous membranes. If possible, use a spray bottle.

Is gesso safe for cats?

We recommend that pets and children who have eaten gesso-based foods be given a taste test before using it again. We advise to feed dogs and cats gesso-based food and only then experiment with gesso spray to gain the best results.

You know the drill: After months of waiting, a new update has just been announced for the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. That means a few updates to Windows Phone 8.1 such as the new Camera and Phone app. I’ve got the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview to try out.

On today’s phone we have Camera 2.0 along with some additional features like Voice Control. I’ve had very little time to use all the new features of Camera and I’m sure more time will come before they make their way to your iPhone or Android. Here are some highlights that I’ve found:

Camera 2.0 has added a new Lens system that allows for easy control of your shots and exposure for different situations. It has also added additional controls such as panning, zooming, and manual exposure adjustment. You can do this much easier with just the swipe of a finger on the lens to adjust the exposure.

Camera 3.0 allows you to use new, easier to access features such as the Lens to quickly adjust your photos for portrait, landscape, and all angles.

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Camera 3.0 can even get your shots to work even in low light, simply by adjusting the exposure of your photo using the Camera app.

Camera 3.0 even lets you use the