Why do spray paint artists use fire?

The traditional method for spraying a fire-proof paint, for example, consists of placing a thin layer of anhydrous oxygen on a piece of drywall and spraying the fireproof paint directly onto a piece of drywall. Anhydrous oxygen is used for two reasons. For one, the oxygen molecules are drawn out of the mix when water is added to the mix, which causes the chemicals to dissolve away from the walls. For another, in the heat that it brings to a joint, it warms the surface of the walls. If the heat comes from the air inside the joint, the paint dries without being able to get the oxygen in.

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How much fireproof paint do you need for your job?

When determining the size of the fire-proof layer, it should only be larger than the width of the joint (the maximum width of any joint of the same size will only be half (or a quarter) of the width of the joint; an individual joint is usually about one foot wide). For larger joints, consider using a higher-than-recommended amount of the fire-proof paint. For smaller joints with a smaller width, choose lower amounts (typically, 3/8″ to 1/8″ or 1/16″ to 3/16″). Be sure to always inspect the back of the joint (the front of the joint) for any burns that were caused by the fireproof paint.

Fireproof paint should only be used for a joint size that does not exceed the width of the joint. That means if you have a joint 4′ x 20′, and you choose to paint it with 6/8 of a gallon of fireproof paint, you would choose to paint the piece at least 6′ x 20′. However, if you had a joint 6″ wide and used a gallon worth of paint, there is a good possibility that you would have burns on the joints (due to the heat). However, your painting a joint that does not exceed the width of the joint is safer to do. You may wish to consult an approved professional for this issue. In the meantime, use the amount you think is sufficient.

If you have a fireproof coat on a joint that exceeds the width, you should let the joint dry overnight to allow the paint to dry faster and allow the fireproof paint to dry longer.

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