What is gesso spray? – How To Make A Moon With Spray Paint

What it is used for:

It is a liquid that is highly diluted (10 to 30 percent, depending on brand of gesso) and is applied around the genitals to help lubricate, remove dead tissues and to enhance sex performance. A very useful product because it contains no alcohol and thus there is no risk of the product breaking down. It is available in different kinds; the most common is called a cream, then a gel, then one or two sprays.

Who uses gesso?

Gesso spray in some parts of Europe and the United States has become very popular. It can help you reduce irritation that many women have due to the presence of the lubricant. While it’s often a highly effective method to ease vaginal pressure, gesso can make things much more enjoyable and can actually make you more aroused by the very stimulation it offers.
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The main issue with using it is that its use is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. That said, women who have sensitive genitalia often apply gesso when they’re very sexually active because as the liquid breaks down, the proteins in it act as gentle stretchers and can help you find pleasure through sexual arousal. It also helps those who have pre-existing vaginal lubrication such as a diaphragm or an elastic band to provide better coverage.

When should I use gesso?

While it works and offers many pleasure benefits, it can also cause a problem.

A common concern in the United States is when you use too much spray in the vagina, so you are no longer able to feel your own vaginal walls lubricating. It can also lead to irritation in the vulva and genital area. Because gesso is a liquid, so it is not harmful if used in a small amount and doesn’t contain alcohol, but its overuse is not recommended.

Also, while it is sometimes recommended in the United State, gesso is not recommended for use in other parts of the world (for instance, in some countries in south America). It often contains animal products such as beef, goats or sheep that are considered to cause allergic responses in some people.

Finally, gesso spray is only a good alternative to other “alternative” methods — vaginal douching, shaving and waxing.

How can gesso be used effectively?

Gesso sprays are highly effective methods, but their effectiveness is dependent on how you apply the

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