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The Rustoleum enamel is an enamel coating that comes with its own primer. Rustoleum enamel is applied to all kinds of surface finishes including hard water, acrylic, stainless steel, metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramic and more. Because it is an enamel coating, the surface finishes can have a lot of sanding and polishing and will need to be primed and sprayed for paint applications. Because Rustoleum enamel is a water-based product, polishing or sanding after application will change the finish, not the application. The use of primer, primer coatings, primer spray, wax or other finishing agents on metal or glass surfaces may vary and is always a choice. As with any finish, the finish should never be sanded or primed after application of a primer.

What if my color or color tint is hard to find?

There are two basic types of color and color tint available for Rustoleum enamel: Rustoleum enamel paint and Rustoleum enamel pigment.

Rustoleum enamel paint can be purchased from many retailers. This kind comes in a variety of colors, and some varieties are sold by the gram, which means you typically only buy one gram at a time. This kind requires professional cleaning and polishing. Most retailers offer a choice of enamels that might fit your style of Rustoleum enamel. Some examples include blue, clear, pink/gray, black, and white enamel in different finishes.

When buying Rustoleum enamel paint, be sure to look for color and paint tones like clear, silver, gold, blue, cream and pink, and a variety of enamel colors and colors. The colors are available in various shades that may vary from white to almost black.

To use Rustoleum paint, simply mix 1 part white paint with 9 parts water or a 3 percent solution of dryer iron. Make sure all of the water and product used in your application is completely saturated to prevent damage to the finish. Allow to dry completely before applying any finishing methods. Always use care with Rustoleum paint, especially after cleaning.

Before you go all out with your enamel painting, think about how your paint will look with Rustoleum enamel and finish it before hand with any drying techniques or waxes.

Rustoleum enamel paints have a lot of advantages over regular paints, making Rustoleum enamel paint the ideal product for an entry

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