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I’ve seen several reviews and I always end up buying at least a few extra coats of paint just before painting if possible. This can be a big thing for some customers since they may have to spend a ton of money on a product and don’t want to waste any. I have used all four products when painting a project: Acrylic Painter, Liquid Mink, Enabler, and Spray Paint. The four products, as mentioned before, are all top notch. I had my first experience with Liquid paint on a painting project where I wanted a soft, water-based finish. I’m not really a fan of hard woods, but the first coat was good and I loved the finish. My next painting project was a metal piece I wanted to finish. Liquid Mink was what I was looking for and it was a bit thicker and the top coat lasted quite a long time on the piece. That was probably the best of the four products that had been tried on the piece. The finishing technique I used on my final project was Enabler. Enabler is very easy to use and I really like its clean look. I applied Enabler on every single piece of metal I painted and that was about 50 pieces. I don’t think Enabler would do well with paint on wood, but its simple, clean, and easy to use. I have not used Paintball or Spray Paint on the piece. I will let you guys know if I see another good product, but I would not use them for the amount I’ve sprayed on my project.

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Rated 1 out of 5 by Tandy from The other product is better The first two products I tried from HVAC Depot, one for acrylic painting and the other for spray painting. On one of my projects, I applied the acrylic paint and water-based spray paint just to test the two products. I was able to get a nice finish, but I was disappointed when I sprayed too much. I think I could get a good, glossy finish with this product, but no finish with a heavy coat, just a nice finish. This is probably the one that I wouldn’t use, but I’m not an artist to tell you which to use.

Rated 4 out of 5 by T2 from Used a mixture of the two products to paint the house ceiling for my daughter’s birthday. I made the cut-out in the bottom of the ceiling, then painted a color that matched the one I used for my daughter’s birthday and my house was done.

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