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Yes. You can trade equities, as well as the other securities that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, regulates, such as stocks, futures, and options. (These two areas of investment have been in one place long enough that they’re sometimes called “shadow” investing.) You can also trade other securities if you make a decent enough amount of money, through hedges or trading strategies.

Do I need a broker to buy or sell stocks? You must have a broker to buy or sell shares in a stock exchange if you’re selling or trading on the exchanges. An exchange-traded fund is what most people think of when they hear “broker” — these are other, specialized securities sold and traded inside the stock market. The Securities and Exchange Commission doesn’t regulate funds, so you shouldn’t worry too much about whether you need or should use a broker.

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How much can I buy in stocks? The amount varies by market and by market style. A stock on the NYSE is a lot of money, and so is a stock on the Nasdaq. In recent years, U.S. stocks have been falling sharply — and falling faster than other markets that are still trading more rapidly than stocks. That’s a problem. Stock prices are determined entirely by the price of assets, which investors sell and buy in markets, rather than by information about earnings and the size of the economy. If the economy is bad, demand falls, and companies can’t sell and pay dividends, prices of stocks go down. That puts a squeeze on the economy. The decline in prices makes stocks less attractive to investors.

How can I get a higher share price in stocks? First, you’ll have to get the stocks listed on the exchange. It’s the SEC or NASDAQ or the Nasdaq Alternative Trading System that determines the prices. In addition, if you go to a fund or mutual fund and the manager is interested in selling you out of this fund or your investment, you might have an upper hand. If you’re trading with a broker, you’ll have to make his or her best offer, and you’ll have to put the money up for the deal.

Do stocks pay dividends? When stocks are sold they produce cash flow. That cash flow generally follows a basic pattern. First, it’s invested in securities that are more valuable. Second, the cash flows go into something called operating cash flow, for the expenses the organization has to pay, such as paying workers, paying

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