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Or is there another reason? How about a small, portable, and highly efficient magnetron? The latter is a little bigger, but it is not portable. It also does not cost as much as the first version. Here’s the question: In your view, which should be chosen as the current and future magnetron? Please list as many reasons that you think the other is the right solution, and also share your preferences for specific alternatives or their drawbacks.

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For each answer, you can add your own thoughts and reasons.

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As we noted Tuesday, some of the GOP presidential contenders have now begun to back the controversial idea, floated by several of their party’s top hopefuls, that America’s legal immigrants are among the most productive in the world

“Our country’s economic success is based on immigration and the high degree of talent we have, [but] we do not value immigrants,” Donald Trump said during a speech in Iowa on Tuesday night.

“But a recent study of the best universities in the world — what was this study about? It was all about the people of this country. The best of the best universities in the world. The University of Oxford, Harvard, Stanford. I mean really the best of the best,” he added, as the audience cheered.

Trump’s comments were met with ridicule and mockery online, as well.

What Donald Trump just said at CPAC that immigrants are the best at everything

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