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I have just retired from my job, and am in a difficult financial position (I live in the south of England). What sort of retirement should I consider? Or rather than retire on a flat amount of $300000 – I would like at least 4% of my assets held in a defined contribution bank to be withdrawn before retiring, or $15,000 per year. What percentage of that savings should I keep in a cash account, or put into savings vehicles?

I currently work in a different department of a large company that has a stock market cap above $100bn. I receive a salary ranging from $200 – $300,000 per annum. It is a fairly cushy position and I am not really seeking any extraordinary lifestyle at the moment. This company is very large, and my company’s main focus is on IT. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK and also one of the largest IT services companies in the UK. I am also a consultant. Would I be able to invest the full $300,000 in the stock market to retire on a flat payment of $200,000 a year?

Is there any way of investing a flat amount of money to retire at an appropriate point?

I am 35 years old and working as a receptionist for an engineering firm. However, I have been in employment since 2000 and my salary is approximately £37k per annum. I could be offered some very generous offers depending on my age, career choices, training needs etc.

I have been considering buying a house. I am considering starting to buy my first house at a new town hall in the near future. I know that by buying in the house price will increase, but the costs of living in the town hall will also increase, and I believe most of my costs are covered by the bank loans you have available.

How do I know if I will be able to buy into a house?

Do you need a second mortgage as part of a mortgage loan or just add on a first mortgage? I am currently looking at buying a first house in which I am looking to have a 5 year mortgage which includes a loan on the home itself (so £1m+ loan).

My friend and I live in London, we are both looking for our first house, he has a £100k home deposit and I have a £30k.
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Are these mortgages the worst of all worlds?

Are these mortgages the worst of all worlds

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