What are the best stocks for swing trading? – Swing Trader Definition

There are countless strategies to maximize profit, but as far as stocks go, you only want one stock to be the best. We’ll take a look at some of the best stock picks in the swing market.

1. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo stock is considered a safe option for traders because of its current strong performance. We think Wells Fargo should rise and will be a great pick in the future.

2. Tesla Motors

Tesla has seen strong sales in just under 5 years and its stock has risen nearly 300% since it was founded. Tesla has already beaten the average analyst estimates for the growth of Tesla and now it is poised to become a serious threat to some of the bigger names in automotive.

3. Boeing

The Boeing company started off as one of the premier military aircraft manufacturers in the world, and is now a leading manufacturer of commercial and aviation services. This company has gone through many difficult times and is now a leading aerospace company that can compete and beat in the global market.

4. Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is a major risk-taker in the market, as they have raised a lot of money in early months and have plans to raise a lot more in the future. We could see significant stock gains in the near future should the company keep on with its growing progress and grow significantly quicker than most. If anyone should become a serious threat to the Dow Jones Industrial Average it would be Tesla.

5. Google

Google is a one of the most well-known companies on the planet and is considered very important in the global tech market. They are a major tech company that relies on Google search to generate billions of dollars yearly. Their valuation has risen dramatically in the past couple of years and they expect to overtake Amazon. While we don’t believe that Google will win this time around, it is an amazing company and a big asset for the market.

6. Apple

Apple shares are the number one stock in the Dow, and are one of the best stocks for swing trading. Apple has had tremendous success recently and we are sure that it will continue to see big gains in the near future. Apple stocks are also seen as a great safe investment because of the long track record the company has had in its product lineup.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft stocks are very good investments right now. The company is not making a massive deal, but they are still one of the best stocks in the market. We believe in Microsoft and believe

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