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Slim offers up some of the most useful features from the desktop, and gives everyone else some of its own. First, its interface is simple to use, but more importantly, it’s fast, smooth, and intuitive. And best of all, the features you find in the new versions will work just fine on older versions, and even on the previous versions that have been abandoned.

Slim is built with performance in mind — but to be perfectly clear: it’s only fast because it runs on the latest version of WebKit. The other features come from the old versions in a different way based on an old API used by most of those old versions to display widgets and menus.

Gap Risk
What’s more, they were the only things that didn’t work in the desktop app until the latest version of that platform. With the new version, everything is blazingly fast, with little slowdown at all between WebVTT renderer renders and the app itself. There’s no lag, and no loss of fidelity even over long periods of time. And there’s no lag between calls to WebKit from your device or from your browser. WebKit calls are much more reliable, with much less blips and jitter.

Here’s a video of how SmoothSlacker runs on a Mac.

How did the world go from one of darkness and terror to one of light and hope? And why was this a long, drawn-out process?

For the former Soviet Union, it was just another crisis; in the West, it would become a pivotal moment in history.

It’s something that people like me can understand, even if only tangentially: the Cold War would be over much faster if the Communists would have simply gone back to being a normal country.

When we spoke to some of the people who lived through the chaos of the Soviet Union, I found them remarkably similar in several fundamental ways. Here are some of their tips for surviving the future.

Fear isn’t real

The reason that things don’t go down smoothly in the future is that people don’t really realize how scary things really are yet. For most people, the past hasn’t even been fully explained to them.

“When things are going wrong,” says Svetlana Lekarova, an analyst at the US State Department’s Centre for Strategic and International Studies, “you don’t have your head around it. You have what you assume was happening, and what you have to live with.”

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