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A small-scale demonstration of the future was on display during Saturday’s G-20 summit in Hamburg. Photo by David Guttenfelder for Reuters and Getty Images.

By Nick Cunningham

Hamburg, Germany, July 1 (UPI) — A small-scale demonstration by the United States and Britain on the future of warfare appeared to yield some very encouraging news in the form of a “kill switch” that would let soldiers automatically kill anyone they see.

The “kill switch,” or kill switch on a computer, is an advanced, computer-controlled device used by soldiers to switch off the weapons they would otherwise be carrying. The use of kill switches and their use in combat is often discouraged.

The kill switch was unveiled by British Prime Minister David Cameron this week at the G-20 summit in Hamburg. Cameron was hoping that it would be a way to show that the two countries would work toward a more just world.

A kill switch was used in WWII in a military command bunker and was later developed into the weapon that has become the “nightstick” of warfare. This was used to prevent allied troops from seeing a German soldier. In real life, it still works — the technology exists — but only as a last resort.

But the kill switch is far from being obsolete.

The weapon can be set off with software that prevents a soldier from firing his weapon if a radar detector picks up a target or an infrared sensor picks up a moving vehicle in the area. But there is one area where kill switches can be useful.

The military has an ability to kill enemies by remotely detonating mines or explosives they are carrying, including the “dirty bombs” that left behind unexploded bombs near where civilians had been killed or wounded with the use of napalm or toxic chemicals.

According to a 2006 National Defense Authorization Act, the National CounterTerrorism Center “could use the information

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