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Well, if your first idea upon finding out it was easy money was to sell your inventory to a buyer who would get it for a dollar cheaper than you could have sold at a market price, you’re absolutely not alone. A couple of things to keep in mind. One is that while it’s a great idea to sell your own inventory, you do the same thing if you’re a market person who buys inventory to sell it at the next great price—whether it’s at the same exact price you want to sell at the market—or, even better, you buy at some higher market price. And as I said, this is where the idea for the new stock market, and a lot of the best ideas, really came from long before the Internet. So if you’re using those two concepts you can make a lot of money. I know when I sold my home’s last unit back in ’83, not only did the market price crash, I got some real cash back. So the second thing to keep in mind is that selling things at lower prices is a great way to get rich: people make money every time their inventory sells for two dollars. And the last thing I want to say for the record before the sale, although this might seem like a big thing, I am an econ student, not a finance one.

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So let’s talk the stock market. Well, first of all, this is a very popular topic, it is something people talk about a lot, and it’s a good thing, as you said. It’s a great topic and the way in which it can help the novice investors. And then there is one other thing that can really speed up your learning about any topic you pick. One of the great things about the Internet, and I know it was just mentioned earlier, the very good thing about the Internet, is it actually allows you to read other people’s works as well as to read the work of the great economists such as Joseph Schumpeter and Friedrich Hayek, and if you know who you are reading from, I guarantee you that not only will there be plenty of sources to learn about this topic but you will be able to see where the errors were made and where there was misunderstanding. So this is a very great way to learn new things. And this is why I encourage you when you’re talking to people online to read their works as much as you can. Because as you’re learning a subject, the more you know about it, you will know how to explain to

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