How much does IBD Leaderboard cost? – Best Swing Trading Setup

Leaderboard prices and prices before the launch of Leaderboard.

Will they be able to be purchased separately from the site for a lower price (i.e. more people have them)?

Absolutely! Leaderboards can only be purchased (with or without a game account) with a game account. You’ll only be able to get them as an add-on with in game currency.

Does Leaderboard offer any in-game rewards?
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Leaderboards aren’t tied in any way to in-game rewards at all. Leaderboards can only be bought with in game currency. Leaderboards are not tied to any in-game rewards.

Can Leaderboard offer a “buy in for money” option?

No. Leaderboards cannot be bought with in-game credits at all, including Leaderboard.

Will Leaderboard offer any in-game rewards?

Yes. Leaderboards offer in-game rewards which are tied to their price.

What is an “in-game currency” at Leaderboard?

At the time of this update, Leaderboard is offered as an in-game currency (and will remain so during this project). As a result, Leaderboard Leaderboards may be worth less than the average price of in game credits. But, this price does not affect your daily standing (as Leaderboard is a fully paid game).

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