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Swing highs are the highest points of your swing. Swing lows are the lowest points of your swing. If something moves above your swing high, you’re a swinger. If a thing moved below your swing high, you’re a swinger as well. For instance, I’m a swinger when I’m working out, if I train in the gym for 45 minutes a day. The next thing I do is sleep, and once I get to work, I’m a swinger. I’m the first to eat, and I’m the last to sit down. That’s my swing. It’s just a matter of how hard I work.

The point is: You can’t tell how you’re going to swing. It’s more a question of, whether it happens to be where the top feels, where you’re working, or the bottom feels.

Now, here’s a question. When I’m hitting a ball right now, and I’m swinging to the left, do I swing left or right? I just have to get a good feel for it. If I swing to the right, I’m going to get a better feel for the ball and put it where I want the ball. If I swing to the left, the ball is going to get to where I want it, but I feel like I’ve gotten less of a leg lift. So the question is: can I swing right to get a leg lift, or can I swing left?

This question should be one you have to ask yourself constantly – even when you’re not pitching or batting. In case you haven’t noticed, your body tends to lean over towards the right in a baseball swing.

What should you pay attention to when you are swinging? I’m going to assume you’re a right-handed hitter. I’m going to give you a list that’s specific to right-handers. This is just two-strike contact: you’re swinging and going. I’m going to assume a swing speed of 250 feet per minute. Let’s say each of the four items below are true:

First, you don’t do this every time you hit a ball. And second, you can’t always do it. Your body may be leaning in the wrong direction. Third, there may be a swing where you get a more leg lift, or a less leg lift, and then one at the next ball that was off the plate. The bottom of each of these scenarios is true. You may need to adjust, but

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