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It is a table of probabilities that a team will win, not one that exactly represents a win.

Think back to your first job out of college. There is no magic formula to get you a perfect swing – it’s the luck and skillful play that makes a swing so special. To put an exact win total on a swing is to put an exact point total in the center of the chart.

A winning team will often have a very large margin of error (the swing) over a losing team. While a swing is a number from 3 to 10, a winning team will typically have a bigger swing (the swing) than it would, say 10 and more as long as the winning team has good luck and plays with a good team.

That being said, there is still room to grow. While luck and skill always play an important role, there are a few factors that can impact a swing and help the winning team – one of the most important are turnovers, field position, and the endzone – both in terms of determining who gets to score inside the 2-point line and which player can score a touchdown.

This is the main advantage the winning team will have at times. When the turnover margin is small, the winning side is likely to gain a significant advantage.

I will have further articles about this in the coming weeks, and what I will say will be relevant for you. For now, I have provided you with a visual breakdown that I use in my calculations and also in other articles, as well as some tips I have learned over the years on how to maximize performance that you can apply to your performance against your opponents.

The New Zealand Government is considering a new law on gay marriage that would allow civil marriages between same-sex couples after the country’s next election.

However, a new poll says that’s not likely to happen.

A new report by WIN/Gallup shows that a growing majority of New Zealand’s people say they do not want the law on gay marriage changed.


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New Zealanders opposed equal marriage in a 2006 referendum. A similar poll

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