How do you take profit from trading?

The most important things are that you always take profit from it. Do not use a computer like I do – if it is a small trading station, use it only to make a profit. The most important thing now is to use one tool to do it. For example, I’m currently using a web-based trading software that gives me a great account management system for the system I’m trading on. Every trading session, the system checks the price of the shares you have stored in it, and offers you the opportunity to buy or sell. If you sell one share, it will reduce the price of the other shares. If you buy a share, it will increase it. However, the same trade can be made twice as fast if you use the web-based trading software for trading. If you use a small trading station, for example, it will run on a lot of energy if it is not always in the highest price, so for this purpose I have an electric furnace. When it is on, it will only run for a couple of minutes until the price is back on. Then it is connected to a computer, which can do what is needed.

Do you take profit from trading?

I take a profit from trading. I buy and sell shares at the best price possible with my computer and my own power, and as long as I stay in the best price range, I win. I do this for my business on a regular basis. I’ve been trading at a loss for several years. I did not take profit until the time I started to trade with computers and now I trade without a computer for the last six months! There was only one month when I took another loss, but it was because I was buying shares and selling, and I did not get the best prices as I wished – so now this is not my problem anymore!

What’s the difference between computers and trading stations?

The biggest difference with computers is time. Computer operators can only look at a screen for two hours or two days before they sell. They make money when they sell shares and not when they look at their monitors. The same applies to trading stations. They make money when shares go down, although it depends on a specific time frame. This may also happen if you buy shares at the time when the station is sold out. When I was a trader for many years, I bought shares at the start of the trading day and sold them at the end of it. This way I made a profit of