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We have been thinking hard about this, and we agree that it is a tough question to answer. There is no definitive answer here (other than there are many factors involved that we have overlooked). This article will attempt to provide some context around this question, and give a brief answer.

We are confident that, if you’re making money from trades, chances are you would like to make this work. One of the main reasons is that, with some trades, the value of your portfolio of stock picks is tied directly to the price of those picks. So if a stock picks up, your portfolio will go up, too. For some people this can become very annoying, and this can also lead to a major loss (in this case $100-400.00).

If you find that your portfolio is getting larger and larger without ever becoming profitable, you are going to want to be paying attention to these factors:

How often do the stocks change (e.g. price increases, declines)

How quickly is your portfolio growing (i.e. monthly returns?)

As you are gaining more and more money, you are probably going to notice that if you have a number of stocks in your portfolio, prices will trend in the opposite direction to the long term trends. You can get in the habit of paying attention to the price of stocks every six months, and you can even do this every day. Most people will do this.

If you are willing, you can set up a “watchlist” of stocks that look in trend, and if you see that price is moving in the opposite direction to the long term trends, you might want to sell a little at the beginning and buy at the end of a month.

However, remember that this requires some foresight, patience, and the desire to be consistent.

That’s all folks! We’ll talk about these things after our discussion about how to buy and sell trading stocks.

Thanks for reading.

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