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The United States can’t win wars, it can only fight wars. We don’t win anything when we are not careful. That’s why we must have a foreign policy that puts this country first, not America first.

We can’t fight wars without diplomacy, but we also don’t win wars without respect for our allies.

When we do defeat an enemy, we must make sure his next death isn’t just a scratch or a blemish.

Americans must show the world that they have the strength and the courage to defeat the Islamic State.

We must have the intelligence service and military to do the job, but we also must ensure no citizen’s private emails are read, no phone calls and never are.

We must make sure no citizens’ emails are read, no phone calls and never are.

The United States of America will be tough but we will be guided by reason.

We will not be bullied into war.

We will not be pushed around into wars we don’t have the will or capacity to win.

As commander in chief, I will order our troops out of harm’s way.

On my watch, and the day after my presidency is over, we will have a full range of options for responding to any future threats, as well as a much clearer and smarter focus on the many ways America’s leadership can make a difference.

In the war on terrorism, there cannot be true victory unless the terrorists know we will not defeat them.

On October 7, 2001, we stood up and said we would prevent the attacks on us.

Now we do, and we did.

The first 9/11 call was our national motto, because what we were determined to do was to keep the citizens of America safe.

The second, the most urgent call, was to go to war against a foreign enemy who didn’t attack us, who was not a threat to us and who, as we would later learn, was an ally.

That was the way America is like all nations. We do not make the decisions we are faced with, we act on them, and then we leave it up to the citizens to decide how they get on with their lives and how they make the decisions they’re facing.

But the terrorist threat we faced on September the 7th, 2001 was no less than it is now.

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