How much does IBD Leaderboard cost? – Learn Swing Trading India

You’ll be able to buy Leaderboard with your own money or buy it at a limited time of 1 month from your favourite online store. For more details, please visit the FAQs page.

What is the difference between a Health Card and a Membership Card? A Health Card is not a Membership Card. Health Cards do not support the current Premium Payment system with payment processing, nor does the card require a PIN. A Health Card may still enable you to save money in your savings allowance when used for shopping online and in retail stores such as supermarkets to prevent losing money. A Health Card is not a Membership Card. A Membership Card is not a Health Card. We will ask you for your Membership Card when accessing the My Account section of the website.

Where can I find my current address? Your current address is stored securely on your My Health Account and is updated on the web in the My Account section of the website, so you do not need to re-enter it.

How do I activate a Membership Card which has been lost/stolen? If the card has become lost or stolen, it can be activated at one of the participating supermarkets within Australia. You are required to signin to your current account before being able to activate it.

Please note that once activated your card has become your permanent identity on the network and will remain your own until the end of the membership period. You can also cancel a member card at any time, please see our cancellation policy.

Can my card be redeemed for cash or gift cards? Not at this stage, but future plans are currently under discussion and will be communicated shortly.

What does My Health Payment mean and why need it? Your Personal Account will contain information that enables merchants to process your payment through their system. This includes your contact details. It may also include information about your payments and how they are processed, such as your name, bank details and your payment method.

How long will My Health Account take to complete and what happens if it is completed before my membership ends? We aim to complete your enrollment as soon as possible. In practice, depending on your choice of payment method we may take one to three working days to complete the process. If you do not get notified within five working days of payment, we will attempt to contact you to update your details. This may result in you losing all your saved personal details.

Will my membership remain valid whilst in the US? Yes. We use our own network and you will be able

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