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A: You CAN. The basic rule of thumb is that if the price of a given type of stock is increasing or decreasing, then you have a better chance of trading it now or in the future. However, this is not 100% accurate. Since many market events are unrelated, they can create the appearance of trading when in reality they were never meant to have been traded. There will also be periods where a stock trades at a low price and you don’t really gain any extra money. If an investor has a strong aversion to trading stocks with high volatility (eg, you aren’t willing to face the possibility that you might lose money), then it can be a good idea to hold your position until the price returns to its previous value. If you are willing to risk your capital in this type of asset, you will generally be able to earn higher profits. How long do I have to hold? A: This depends on an investor’s preference. Many investors wait to hold their investments until a certain point in time, or they “buy and hold.” What’s different to an investor is that they don’t wait for the stock price to increase, rather they wait until a certain point in time during the “buyer’s rally,” and then hold until the price rises again to a higher level on its way to higher levels. That time of waiting can vary, but for most investors the “buy and hold” approach is a good way to trade. How do I trade? A: The key to trading, other than your time, will be your patience. However, because it is so difficult to trade, your patience is more important than ever. Investors must be patient enough to wait a certain amount of time, and they must be patient enough to sell to a stock after it has fallen from its high to its low. How do I make money? A: Since the best time to start buying and holding a specific securities is the peak of a stock’s rise, if you choose to invest in a stock that gains more than the other stocks in your portfolio, you will make money by holding it over that peak. The only time when you risk losing money is when you want to sell when it is low, and you don’t want to risk much more than that. If you own a stock that gains more than the rest of your investments and that doesn’t go up, then your ability to profit will be severely limited. Can I increase the amount of money I can earn by trading? A: Yes, for the price, but only if
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