How much interest does 10000 earn in a year? – Swing Trading Stocks In India

In a year, a person will earn $0 – $1,000. In a decade he will earn up to $10,000. In his lifetime this person will have $10 billion – $140 billion.

How does 10000 earn interest?

10000 can earn interest at a rate of 5%, 9%, 13%, 16%, 20%, and 24% of the original investment value. Interest can be earned in any way such as paying a regular rate of interest per year.

Interest is paid as a periodic payment and usually begins in December and will be paid on the first of each month at an interest rate of .0005% – .0007%. Interest on cash flows are paid on the first of each month at an interest rate of 1.35% –2.4%.

In order for the interest earned over the life of the investment to be positive, the total amount of interest paid over any 12-month period must exceed the initial investment.

Example of the calculation

Let us assume we invest $10.000 in a mutual fund and in one year receive 25%, 35%, and 45% of the total value invested.

If the investment earns 5% more than the initial investment it would produce a dividend, which is considered as interest. If the original investment earned 5% less than the initial investment, it would produce dividend but we would still be considered to be earning interest.

In the example, the $5.000 invested in the mutual fund would be worth $23 ($10.000 – $5.000). This means 5% of $23 would be earnings, resulting in net profit of $1,023.

In this example, the total annual investment value would be $10.000. Thus, the net profit would be $0.0012.

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