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It’s still hard to find a good and decent book on the subject of the Great Pyramid. I haven’t seen any in print recently, not even by archaeologists. It seems there are a few of them in the Internet collections (the Pyramid Museum’s collections, for instance), but you’ll never find any that are in a good and decent format in a book. Even though we are in the 21st century, the idea of the Great Pyramid still seems to come out of the past in some weird and even dangerous ways. Here is that strangeness in a nutshell:
1. People think of the pyramid as a big monument and don’t bother to question why it was built a certain way. This is a common misconception that seems to have arisen through the ages because most ancient civilizations simply didn’t bother to calculate the precise length of the Great Pyramid. There are those who claim that the pyramid was built in the 14th century AD, but it seems that no one bothered to go and measure it. This is the most probable origin of some of the ideas about the Great Pyramid.
(photo credit: Robert B. Smith/Getty Images)
2. In the 20th century, many people assume that the Great Pyramid was built to accommodate an army and that is why it was built of all stone. But the military is a very short sighted assumption. We can’t count the number of times that soldiers are not able to march across a battlefield when they have to wait before a large-scale battle begins. The pyramids, on the other hand, were in the middle of a relatively large area, where there are plenty of easy places to stand for an army to set forward while the battles rages on. A pyramid will be much easier to move than the kind of massive stone structures that we are used to.

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