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By Matt Agorist

From the beginning of time, humanity has known a lot about our planet. We know the world we live in. We have heard about all it has in store for us, especially concerning the “little” things.

Here are 12 tiny little things to watch out for this April that the world is about to witness at its hottest level ever.

#1 The melting of the Greenland icecaps, if they go below the current elevation of 12 million feet, would accelerate the temperature rise and accelerate sea level rise.

“As early as the 1980s, there was serious talk that some of the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica might be destabilized,” explains David Macdonald, president of the University of Toronto’s department of glaciology. “These two continents are very different in ice content. Greenland is not only very thick, it is also pretty stable. On the other hand, Antarctic is a bit more volatile and unstable.”

This could happen in less than 40 years. “We have no idea yet about whether we have a tipping point point in the melting, but it is a very big question.”

#2 This May, the earth is set to experience its hottest January, February and March for at least the last 800 years.

“In a recent study of recent temperatures, scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that 2014 may well have been the hottest year ever recorded on Earth,” reports CBS news.

That may not last long though; that may come when the planet is warmed enough to become uninhabitable for human life. That time may come as soon as this spring.

If that is the eventuality, then the world has already paid a high price for ignoring our responsibilities.

#3 This April, we all will have the opportunity to escape from the

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