How do I cancel swing trader? – Top Swing Trading Stocks

Please firstly notify us of any issues with your account before you cancel your swing trader and we will immediately resolve all your requests to cancel the trader.

Where can I find the current trader agreement?

Please check the contract page on our website for more details. The trade agreement with you will remain the same during your swing trading account.

As a swing trader you have to follow the same procedure when you request cancellation of your account.

Can I cancel the swing trader when the trade is open?

You may not cancel the swing trader during the trading period.

Will I be refunded or credited money?

The money and credits can not be refunded or credited back to you. You were trading with us during the trading period, your trade will not be considered cancelled.

Does the credit to my account mean that the balance is back to its original amount?

To use the credit to your account, you must log into the swing trader account and log into your account and check your balance again. When you do this, the credited balance will show to you, and we will show you all your credits and your trade balance. In doing this you will not have to re-open your account.

Why is my trade in question or closed?

If your trade is in question, please notify us immediately. You can contact us here.

How do I cancel a trader?

Please follow the steps below:


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