Is scalping trading illegal? – Learn Swing Trading India

It’s hard to say with any certainty as it depends on your definition of an illegal activity and the nature of the business involved. In any case, scalping makes no sense from the point of view of both the sellers of the coins and of Bitcoin itself, as it would mean that there is simply no way to profit from selling a Bitcoin at any price at any time.

For instance, if you buy a BTC and sell it at a high price, you could profit from this transaction by selling your BTC just before everyone else has purchased the same amount. This would mean that not only would there be no market for bitcoins, but a market existed for this specific BTC at any price (in the exact same way as the market for any commodity or currency). However, this does not hold for any other commodity or currency, such as stocks or stocks or bitcoins at all.

One might think that you could sell your BTC at whatever price you liked, but the exchange would keep track of this price and sell back your BTC at the highest price. In this case, the only people who can benefit from a high price on your BTC are those who bought it the previous day and want to sell it as quickly as possible. That’s where it gets tricky in the scalping market: a high price does not mean that there is a market.

Another way to understand scalping is that the traders are in this market trading between multiple BTCs, and they are only buying bitcoins for the purpose of reselling at, say, 5 BTCs for an even higher price. This makes no sense if you think about them in terms of any actual transaction involved in the transaction with the other BTC trader. If some BTC traders were actually reselling their BTCs to one another, they would make huge profits, right?

However, as Scalping does not involve any sort of transaction or any sort of use other than trading, and as the “seeding/sharding” process does not actually happen in the first place, there is no way for the BTC trader to profit from being part of this transaction, much like there is no way for the seller to make any profit from selling a particular amount of silver at an ever-rising price without the silver miner selling another amount.

And what if the bitcoins I buy at $2000 or $3000 are then sold at the “next high price”? You are not technically reselling them in any way (you could go online and get an order from another trader the same day and get

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