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It is an understatement to say that this article does not include all the facts. We are not talking about the story itself or the events that took place, we are talking about the aftermath.

When the US military sent the USS Ponce to strike a convoy of Iranian shipping in the Strait of Hormuz last week, the action had the potential to spark an all-out war. An incident in which a small aircraft was caught in Tehran’s missile defense system, and shot down, was the most obvious sign that a war was on the horizon. So, with such a close call, the US did more than send military hardware to the Persian Gulf. It sent the United States and Israel a signal that it was prepared to go to war with Iran — even if its action was highly dangerous and even if it would have to use force against civilians or Iranians.

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The US move to send missiles to Iran comes at a difficult time for US President Barack Obama. Obama needs to convince Congress to renew sanctions against Iran. The US has already threatened to launch a nuclear war with Iran or do so via proxies. And Iran’s current leaders, who have a history of war and terrorism, are making it clear they would rather the US fight one war than two.

But this does not mean that there is no risk at all. The United States has a nuclear arsenal, including the ones that could reach Tehran. And the missiles they sent to Iran were not all about war and destruction. They were intended for military purposes, including surveillance and other intelligence.

The real threat came from another country. Iran has repeatedly said that it had no intentions of trying to acquire nuclear weapons. But if Iran decided to go to war, it would have been easy for anyone to strike Iran. It was an event-driven missile war that would be virtually impossible to stop. All Iran would need was a strategic plan, and its military and intelligence forces would be ready to carry it out. Thus, the deployment of US missiles sends a clear signal to Iran about the US will not hesitate to use force at any time to defend itself.

In that regard, the US’ missile shipment to Iran is an important step towards a world war, since it is an indirect threat and signals an escalation the US and Israel can easily carry out.

And it is not the first sign that war is imminent in Iran. Shortly after the US missile shipment to Iran went into effect, Iran responded in kind. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps published an article in the

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