What is a price swing? – Swing Trading Meaning In Hindi

How do I understand it?

Pricing swings are a type of discount/expansion when buying a large quantity of a given item and then selling it, often to other players. In some cases it’s a way to make a profit, while in others it’s a way to save money. Prices on forums and other forums vary quite a bit by region, so it is better to seek them out to find your own “inherent level” of price. If you want to compare different vendors, it’ll be best to look at their pricing before you buy. For example, this item is selling for 8400 IP on the TP auction house. However, if you buy the item from Veeld at 0 IP, you’ll have to pay 1200 for it to get to 1 IP, while if you buy it from The Fence who is selling the item for 2200 IP, you’ll have to pay 1200 for it, which is not that bad.

Here’s an example of an eBay price for 1 IP of a rare item.

Examining and understanding price swings can open your eyes to their implications. You’ll find that the larger price swings may not represent a problem, since the items are more important than who’s actually buying them. What if you make more money than the other player. When you think about it, what if you spent 200 million IP and all of that had been spent buying items from other players? You’d probably regret going to that person, and since your account still has the same level of experience (not everything has a “level”), you’re not in a bad spot because you’re “missing out”. What if someone else makes a million dollars with your account, but their item is worth far less than the other person’s. They’ll probably still say you did something wrong, but at least the other person won’t be upset if you lost their items. They’ll be more interested in why your account still has the same level of experience.

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