What is swing trading strategy? – Warrior Trading Swing Trading Course

A swing trading strategy is one in which the direction of the stock’s return (e.g. up/down, up/down + up/down, up/down + down, up/down + up, up/up + down – down) is inversely related to the price level (e.g. up up + down down down) of the stock.

The key idea behind swing trading strategy is that you can trade the stock with either a long or a short term perspective. For this to work, you need to set the price level in the market in either an up or down direction. If you are using an up or down direction, then the strategy works, but only if the position is short or long when moving the market.

This works because the stock’s price reflects the price level at the moment you started trading the market. But when changing a position, it isn’t an easy task to find the right price level. To remedy this, if you want to move the stock when the price is moving higher, just create a position when the price is moving lower. You can then start moving the stock at a slightly higher price when changing the position.

How does it work?

Here are four examples of swings in stock market’s prices:

Example 1: Short term
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Example 2: Long term

Example 3: Up day/down day

Example 4: Short term up day

How do you trade short term vs. long term?

Short term trading is using a stock when it is up. For example, let’s say you want to buy a share of Apple at $70. It seems like the stock is going up. In this case, in order to buy the stock, you have to buy the stock before the price reaches $70. This is called a short term swing. In theory, you would make money when the price goes up above $70. So how do we do that? We open a position where the price is above $70.

Long term trading is using a stock when it is down. For example, let’s imagine you want to sell Google share at $35. In this case, you would buy the Google share when Google stock went down $35, buying the stock on the way down. This is called a long term swing. You would then buy the stock after it went down $35, and you would still be earning money when the stock went up $35 again. So

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